Community Copilot

Build a Slack or Circle community where every member feels valued.

Building a great online community is hard. With so many things going on, it's easy to let quieter members slip through the net.

Community Copilot is the first analytics and engagement tool for communities using Slack or Circle, helping community managers to support and encourage their members.

Community should be for everybody, not just those who shout loudest.

We believe community is about more than just looking after your most active members.

Visualise your community's engagement pyramid and watch it evolve over time.

We divide your members into buckets based on their engagement level, and help you to track changes to your community's makeup over time.

Improve member happiness and reduce churn.

Track your community's health over time.

Quickly view and track the overall health of your community. Compare % active members from week to week. Instantly see the impact of your latest initiatives.

Treat members like individuals, no matter how big your community is.

Support your less active members and identify what they're looking for.

Just because someone isn't engaging doesn't mean they don't want to. We help you to reach inactive members both in bulk and individually, and keep track of their preferences.

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